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Fishing Report

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====================hit the water early 0430 to have a presunup look. forgot my batteries for probe due to first trip of year and stupity..so i headed west found massive amounts of bait ,fish ,color so i set up off 4 mile park.. within 5 min first 8 lbr king on rigger down 40 .foolishly stayed in 3 mile circle all day doing 12ish 5 to 8 lbrs many many shakers and lost one decent fish ....around 2 started east in 180 to 250 fow droppin dypsy out to 275 in a 1/2 hr first 15 lb king so i dropped rigger to 120 10 min after fight ended with 15 lbr the rigger pops anothe 15 lb cookie cutter then dypsy goes with another almost a double with same size fish.....Normal spring colors on spoons and spinnys is all i ran with all but 2 on riggers and spoons.....It was a good day for my first trip of the year tho about 40 short of my norm due to catching up on the honey doo list and getting spoiled in some warm weather this winter......

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Tim B I also got 6 with their fins clipped but did not fill out survay if you want to add to form next trip out....Also I dont know if it was just because of my first fresh salmon of the year ,or if they have been gourging on smelt but they are the best tasting salmon i have eaten out of lake O. ever..id be interested to hear from others if you noticed the taste difference.....

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no pics kinda pudgy but the one bigger one i kept had a empty belly 1 half disolved smelt,, the smaller 2 i kept were healthy looking but no footballs ,but they both had a few fresh smelt in em, The bait balls were tight(line rattlers) so they were being harrased pretty good and 1000's of dead smelt in the scumlines I never saw that before,heard it is a natural dieoff from erie but they didnt look like they were beat up from going over the falls ..I scooped a few and the scales were intack but they all had trama signes to the head either from moderate currents or rigger and fishing lines...I had to of hit 100's of bait balls so much so that i expected my releases to go.

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