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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: LTtroller




Date(s): 5/24

Time on Water: 6:30 - 9:30am

Weather/Temp: Sunny / 75

Wind Speed/Direction: Light / South then East

Waves: 0 / Calm

Surface Temp: 51 - 53F

Location: Just west of mouth





Total Hits: 2

Total Boated: 1

Species Breakdown: Steelhead

Hot Lure: Michigan Stinger / Die Hard

Trolling Speed: 2 -2.6

Down Speed: Good ?

Boat Depth: 60 - 65ft

Lure Depth: 50ft



First trip to the Big O in my 17' Tracker this year. Started off looking for browns in 12 - 25 FOW w/ boards out and rigger set 5' down - nothing. Could've guessed that with the gin clear water, sun shinning, and not a ripple on the water, but had to try.

After 1.5hrs. of wasting time & gas, decided to try for some of the "hot" laker action I heard was going on the past few days. Set up in 60 FOW w/2 wire/flasher/fly combos & 2 riggers - 1 @ 55', the other @ 50'. Worked the 60 - 80' range w/ good marks here and there, most on bottom (lakers). Finally about 8:30am, over 65FOW the 50' rigger pops. My son grabs the rod and the fish is taking a little line, then nothing, he says its off - NOPE, just swimming at us. He lands a decent 7-8lb. steelie. :)

We reset and shortly thereafter over 60FOW, the same rigger and lure fires. I grab the rod and notice the line is going stright down, but the fish is ripping line. I realize now that the line is wrapped around the rigger cable :o . I start to bring up the ball and untangle the line when I hear the fish splashing behind the boat on the surface, so I start getting nervous and begin to work a little faster, just about the time I get the ball almost surfaced to where I can get the line over the ball, I look up to see a BIG & BEAUTIFUL steelie about 8' out of the water, waving goodbye and thanks for the brand new lure. :devil:

That's fishing! Packed up and headed to Gander for the last 2 Stinger Die Hards on the shelf (sorry guys, :P ).




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Well I am glad you finally made it to the big O. I don't know where the Lakers went but I'm glad ya had a couple hits. That was a nice Steelie. Your son does get proud of himself does he not? I wish I was out there today. Tommorrow morning I am going to have over 2000 pounds. Seems a little heavy doesn't it? :o:o:o Wish me luck, plus I have to deal with your boss when I get there. I am gonna stop at Narby's or Captains Cove b4 I head back if ya need anything. Just call my cell. See ya BT

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Hey BT.

I'm sure the lakers are still there I just didn't get the gear deep enough I guess. I'll take the steelhead over the lakers anyhow. Yea the boy is a cocky sob :lol:, especially when he lands his and I don't ;( .

Your load must be pushing 4" per tank, on a hot day, GOOD LUCK - with A-AL too!. Hope he doesn't fall off the barge :rofl:

Might try Sandy again tomorrow a.m., or maybe Hemlock. See ya Thursday.



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