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LOC Boat Registration is now online!

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LOC Boat Derby Registration is now online! For those who would like detailed instructions.

1. Go to loc.org

2. Click on the link towards the top “Boat Derby Registrationâ€

3. Click on continue shopping

4. Click on the LOC Logo

5. Select “buy†next to the appropriate entry. (charter, non-charter)

6. Click on “checkoutâ€

7. Fill out the top part of the form down to and inclucing country. This should be your billing address for your credit card. The only other information you need to enter on that page is in the “Order comments and special requests†write your boat name in the box. Leave the delivery method to “webâ€. Click continue.

8. On this page, only fill out the top three boxes. CC number, expiration date and the three digit card verification code from the back of your card.

9. Press “Pay by credit cardâ€. Do this only once, it usually takes only 5-10 seconds before a receipt comes up, but can take as long as 30-60 seconds depending on the speed of your computer.

10. You can print this receipt and one will be emailed to you. We will mail you a registration card to show to the weigh station when you weigh in a fish. Any problems please call the office at 888-733-5246


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Hey Dave,

Just signed up! FYI - you have a typo on the web. $575 + $575 = $1150, not $1050 as shown on the web.

Welcome to the LOC Derby Boat Sign up!

This is the sign up area for the LOC Boat Derby to be held June 19th to July 18th 2010. $34,500 to be awarded, $1050 per day $575 for the largest Salmon and $575 for the largest Trout. Lake, Brown and Rainbow are eligible. Non Charter Captains, $300 and Charter Captains $600.

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