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5/27 AM Jammer Report Genesee to I-Bay w/ pics

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We fished from about 8:30 until just after noon and went 2 for 2, with by far the best two fish of the year! So far, that is!

Both were caught in 100 FOW between Durand and Irondequoit Bay.

10 lb. 3 oz. Steelhead hit a magnum Blue Killer Stinger off the wire dipsy out 125. (about 42 feet down)


21 lb. King hit the glow white/green dots Spin Dr. and Hammer fly out 260 on the wire dipsy. (about 85 feet down) This big boy took the wire out from 260 to 535 in two fast and hard runs. The reel was screamin'!


Both of these fish were absolutely beautiful with no lamprey marks and were successfully released to fight another day...

Can't seem to get the rigger bite going yet... Almost everything has been off the dipsies. What' sup with that?


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Great catch'. Looks like the Salmon are starting to show up here at the Port Of Rochester. I have heard of many big salmon begin caught from the I-Bay Rochester area. The riggers have you tryed short leads ie 8' off the ball ?


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