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Canandaigua 5/30

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tcon Tom and I started early by 5:45 setting up just past the drop off, working north along the west shore. Rapala GFR on 3 color core clipped to an inline, 2 riggers running at 20' and 30' with small spoons and sliders. Just as the slider was set up on rigger #1 we popped a small brown on the slider over 130'. 200' of copper was down the chute with a mtn spin dr and hammer fly, while we changed colors of spoons a NK 28 black and mtn dew fire off rigger #2 but the slider hooked the copper line and gave the fishy a slack line. In came the copper to get it out the way since the spoons were firing on riggers at the ball and on sliders, temp at 35' was 48, speed at the ball 2.4-2.8. Best fish came off Rapala GFR on the 3 color, rainbow around 4lbs. 1 laker, 1 brown, 4 rainbows and one dropped fish that got into the copper. The bows were skippers but good to see the numbers. The 3 color took 2 fish, riggers with small spoons took the rest. Back at the dock by 10:45.

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