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Hello and Keuka questions

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First off Hello all. This is my first post to this forum.

I will be spending a time on Keuka the June 10h through the 19th and plan on fishing as much as I can. I am FL transplant who is living in VA. My family and I will be vacationing at the lake. I would like some advice on what type of fishing should I attempt. I will have access to a canoe (maybe something bigger) and I will be bringing my bass rod. Since all I have only fished in FL for large mouths (mostly top water or North Carolina rigged worms) and catfish (lead lined bottom fishing) I have no clue how to fish for trout.

Any help with lures, how to rig my reel and fishing tips would be much appreciated.



PS in FL the lakes are rarely deeper than 30ft so fishing in 100 ft of water is another first for me.

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Look up Bobber's Fishing Excursions ( Tommy Beers) His boat is out of Brian's marina in Hammondsport. Go out with him, catch some fish, learn what to use and enjoy the lake.


Another source is go down to the Hammondsport Town dock when the boats come in and see who using what and if their catching fish.

You could make up a Seth Green Rig if you have a med/hvy or heavy roller tip rod with a 47LC or Penn 309, etc... reel.

perch predator setup would be a good way to get a few in the boat with what you have now.

But I think you should go out on a charter to really experience trolling the Finger Lakes, You could even go over to Seneca Lake ( 20 minutes East) and grab a charter there for a day.


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If trolling isn't your thing then try jigging for the lakers. Check out John Gaulke if interetsed in doing a half or full day trip. He will show you the ropes and can also put you on some warm water species like bass as well. He is quite versitile and can show you techniques and spots that you could use with your own tackle (sounds like you won't have trolling equipment.)

His website:


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