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Canandaigua 6/5

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I don't have much to share except we had good weather, good times, we went 2/3, 1 shaker laker, and one 3lb eater size. 300' copper running the green Church Revelator and A TOM MIK chicken wing fly gave us the 3lber. Small spoons, the other 2, we ran shallow 15-35 over 150, and went deep 65-90 over 250. Not much on the screen from from drop off to Seneca Point. We crossed over to Vine Valley working the east side south to Whiskey Point. Copper fish came by the white rock.

My GPS module is not connecting I checked all connections and wires look good.

It worked last weekend, now not this weekend. And it didn't work 3 weeks ago.

Any ideas?





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I am sorry you didn't have much luck today. Hope tomorrow is better. Mike I would try to troll the areas where the depth changes from deep to shallow. Stick on the shallow side of the break. Thats where I was having luck the last few weeks. I would also run wire just off the bottom on the shallow side of the break.

I am not in the derby this year, but I will check the weight station on the northend tomorrow. Good Luck.

What exactly is a shaker laker?


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a shaker laker is a small fish, usually shake themselves free in the net, this one slid right thru the net holes,

the south end weigh station had the big browns in the cooler for viewing, big one was 15 lbs, all top 5 places held by brown trout as of 12:00 noon Sunday

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Saturday was good to us, we had 4 people in the boat including my son who came home to fish. We hadn't been on the lake yet this year so we started with rigs and it was busy for the 1st couple of hours. When it slowed down we tried some other things and ended up with a 5.82 lb rainbow off leadcore that was leader for the day. We ended up with a dozen fish (lakers and rainbows) but nothing big. Having my son and his friends along made for a great weekend. Sunday was tough, we tried shallow and had a major tangle involving a little laker that wrapped 4 rods without tripping the downrigger. We also lost a nice lakes off a yellow J-9 rapala behind a small dipsy run out 80'.The wind finally won and we quit around noon.

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I was at the Northend weight station around noon I saw a nice rainbow and a 7 plus laker weighed. The top fish were all browns at that time, They said they all were caught on sawbelles in 20 -30 fT of water. They also said the largest laker at that point was 8 plus.


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