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? about Off Shore in line planner board

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HI !

I am using an Off Shore side planner SST it's the larger orange ones . I use them them to pull my 300' copper and they do a pretty good job . But the front of the board is always out of the water from the weight of the copper pulling the rear down. I was wondering if anyone has played around with the weight on the board. It's not really adjustable but I know there are some pretty crafty folks out there who may have found a way to make them track a little better. Thanks for any info !




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I use Offshore and Church boards. The Church board has an adjustable weight, but I moved it forward and It didn't seem to improve much with my 300' copper. The Offshore board on the other hand has the black plastic keel (no weight adjustment) shown in your pic it looks like it's holding the foam in place but I assume the foam is epoxied and you could rotate the keel to give you some more "drive", if you know what I mean.

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