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Team Lucky Enuff needs Observer(s) for Wayne & Oswego Pro Am

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Lucky Enuff is looking to secure an observer for each Pro Am. We will be fishing the Friday before Oswego, and the Fri before Wayne and you are welcome to join us on Friday and fish with us if you'd like.

We pay a hundred bucks ($100) cash for the weekend. You can sleep on the boat if you wish.

We need someone we can depend on so please don't offer unless you are serious and sure you can do it !

Pm me and we can discuss further details.


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Ray had it on! I have to start wondering about you Lake O guys. Seems like you are having way to much fun over there, BW

PS did hear Rod had it on backwards for a bit.

Not to worry, he always wears his shorts like that :lol:

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As hard as you guys tried to scare everyone off, I think we have both Pro Am's covered :yes:

Paul, maybe you should consider wearing a thong? I think I can speak for your team when I say we'd rather look a thong than seeing your butt crack every time you set a rigger during the KOTL ;)

Thanks again to those who replied.

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