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Advice Please Oswego? or Olcott? Tomorrow 6-18 Morning

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Hey, this is Ed, the soldier owner of Bobber Down. I am looking to headed out tomorrow, and hoping to get into the kings if they are biting, or maybe a couple browns if they are not. Looking for advice as to what they are biting on, or if there is somewhere that they are biting, that I need to head to in. I appreciate any advice, and if you are not comfy posting publicly the depth/ lures/ locations/ grids, please PM the info to me, and I will keep it confidential. I only have 50 days left to fish here in NY before I am transfered out of state again, so I am trying to get into the fish as soon as possible.

Thanks for the tips.

Tight lines!

Bobber Down!

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Launch Ramp is in the Town of Newfane Marina in Olcott. It is on the west side of the creek at the east end of West Main Street. Basically, turn North on Jackson St at the Boat Doctors and your first right will take you to the Marina.

I'll be out in the morning. I keep my boat slipped in Olcott. Reports have been lots of fish from Olcott to west of

Wilson in 100-250 fow, 60-100 feet down. Flashers and flies seem to be working better than spoons, so that'll be my plan of attack.

I haven't been out in 3 weeks, so we'll be in search mode as well. We'll be at the boat at 0600 and should be on the water with lines in by 0630.

Feel free to give me a shout on channel 10, Boat name is FishStyx.


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