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Father's Day W/E Oswego

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: JOBENA==============



Date(s):June 19,20,21

Time on Water:12 hours

Weather/Temp:partly cloudy

Wind Speed/Direction:S/W 5-10

Waves: 1-2"

Surface Temp: 60/64

Location: East of Oswego





Total Hits:8

Total Boated:8

Species Breakdown:Skippy kings, mature king, and steelhead

Hot Lure: SSW and Chicken wing dipsey diver and #00 chrome dodger 300' back 30# wire

Trolling Speed: 3.0-3.4 Down Speed: 2.5-2.9

Boat Depth: 240-304 FOW

Lure Depth: 100/105




We had a great weekend. Weather and lake were wonderful. Fish were there. Saturday we caught several skippys. All were released to grow and fight another time. Sunday was about the same until around 11 AM, when all hell broke loose on my port side dipsey. It was set at 300' back #2 setting,, with a Seasick Wobbler and a #00 chrome prism dodger, and before I could get to the rod, the readout was posting 450' and still going. It finally stopped at 525' and I started reeling and pumping. I got it back to about 300 and it ran again. the run was shorter. Only out to about 400". Started the fish back and this time when I got back what the fish took it came to the net without another struggle.


Monday my wife and I went back for more. More skippies and more skippies. Then on the starboard dipsey the drag sounded off, same setting, same everything except the lure this time was a Chicken Wing. Took a sleek 25" steelhead.


We continued trolling and things were quiet. I decided to toss over a couple sliders. On one went another SSW and on the other was a "no-name" hot orange lure with a gold ladderback and gold sparkles. The result was another nice steelhead for my wife. Beautiful fish at just about 8 pounds.


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