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my sexy fish!!!

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Hahaha - Kari (aka "booty") will tell you it was smaller than her's and I will tell you that it was twice as big as her's. Maybe we can meet in the middle and agree on 30"? Just so that I can say it was an inch bigger..... :lol: ?

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NOW I can see why you guys changed to fishing Muskies.."its about the challange my butt"

If her name was "Buffy Booty " Id sell all my salmon gear today !!!!

Way to go (Booty) ,hope your not offended by my sexest post (or that big guy behind you ,SIR )

We all share the passion of fishing,if only i could get my wife to trade in her knitting needles for a fishing pole,my life would be complete ( I think,Ray clean the floor,pickup the garbage,do you really need all this tackle,the windshield is dirty,Ect,Ect,Ect Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa) phew ok she can knit and ill fish alone.

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