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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:




Date(s): June 25 (am)

Time on Water: 6-11 am


Wind Speed/Direction:West 10-15 knots

Waves: 1-2 feet

Surface Temp: 58-62 F

Location: Port Credit





Total Hits: 12

Total Boated:7

Species Breakdown:Kings, Coho, Atlantic, Steelhead

Hot Lure:

Trolling Speed:

Down Speed:

Boat Depth: 140-200

Lure Depth: 30-70




Fishing was good. Justin and I fished 140-200 fow and turned some sweet fish. On the water around 5:50 and off by 10:45.

Nothing for the first 45 minutes, then... a triple spread over 10 seconds from the first to third fish. 6lb chinook (clipped), 6 lb bow and a third fish about 10 (jumper so maybe bow - lost about 20 feet back...but the rod holder fought this one for the first few minutes while the other fish were brought aboard).

On the first reset the rod fires before I can add the stacker. 7 lb Atlantic...and it put on a nice aerial show.

While still setting after that another rod fires with what we assume was another steelie - ldr.

Quiet for 20 minutes, then rigger fires 70/180. 300' run and 10 minutes later a 32-33 lb king on the digital scale.

A lull for about 90 minutes then a double, 5 lb bow and a king about 17-18 lbs minutes later.

Last action was a double or triple (not sure). First rigger fires, 12 lb coho, second rigger fires, but lets go, then the dipsy fires a few seconds later, big fish rips line and breaks the 20lb line. Oh well.

7/12 plus 2 knock offs. Fish were down 30-70 on rigger (some on sliders), and 120-160 on the dipsy. Greens and blues top, with several bows on orange, all on spoons.

All fish released.


See you another day.


Nice Coho


32-33 lb King




Steelie (notice no dorsal - hatchery fish)


Teen chinook


Release shot


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