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Jammer 6/29 AM Braddocks - LOC King

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My wife and I motored West thru 3 foot waves this morning from the Genny out just past Braddocks and started setting up at 7AM initially in 50 FOW looking for Browns.

Saw some bait, but no hooks to speak of. Turned north and the 50 foot probe rigger fired with a nice little King that hit a regular sized Stinger Glow Gator. Released it and reset to 50 feet.

No more than 3 minutes later, it fired again, this time over 130 FOW and my old Daiwa 47S loaded with 20 lb P-line started screaming... We pulled the leadcore, steered back around into the waves and managed to land this 25.14 mama. She also took the same Stinger Glow Gator. Interesting to note that the down temp at 50 feet was 63F!

About ten minutes after she was in the box, the 270 wire fired and a nice cookie cutter 5 lb Steelie hit a Stingray Modified Blue Dolphin. So the steelies are down 90 and the kings are down 50???? Huh?

Anyway, all the lines were in the boat, so we packed up and headed to the weigh station at Mitchels.


Currently 10th place on the Leaderboard.

Wow, 3 fish in 45 minutes of fishin'!


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