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Vince P. could use our thoughts & prayers

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Recently Vince Pierleoni & (brother-Mark Pierleoni) had their mother Connie pass away in Arizona suddenly. I am sure he could use any support this on-line family/community could provide. I wish the best & prayers on the way for Vince, Mark, and Stephanie who I and my family Kristen & Morgan consider VERY GOOD friends of ours.

If they want to elaborate on this great, but I Know it is not easy for anyone let alone with a schedule like theirs.


Runnin Rebel

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Im very sorry to hear about your loss Vince, take it a day at a time, you and your family will be in my thoughts.

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Capt. "V",

A few days ago I made mention of how This Site has brought so many to a common place and maybe more of of bond than we think.

Yes we all love the ,Time on the water, and the bonus of catching fish, and maybe more Important the Experiance we have every time we see a new person light up when them rods start "poppin and the fight is on"

The HOLY CRAPS,O.M.G,s, and Phews,that thing kicked my butt. Is what makes a Charter Captian do what he does .. In my opinion..

In short were passing the torch, maybe a flame brought on by a parent ,friend or a Charter Captian.

We never will know the difference our Good Deads will do in the future and We all do them without the expectations of changing the world.

I dont know you other than buying a seat ,shakin your hand and reading your post, and from what i see your MOM was a great Torch Bearer, and im shure She was proud of her Little Vinnie..........Well maybe she could of shared some of Her Not So Proud moments that we tend to er um forget.. :lol:

As A L.O.U. member I too share your FAMILYS loss. And As you know time is a wonderfull healer.( unless you slept in on a Charter day)..

I hope I brought a tiny smile in such difficult times,thoughts and prayers to you and your family................Ray K. and Family...

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