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New boat!


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Just finished signing the papers on a new Trophy 2052 today. Really excited to get this thing equipped & out on the lake. It should be sitting in my driveway this Sunday - you'll bet i'll be going fishing as soon as possible.

Any other Trophy owners out there? I think I just made one of the best investments.









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Grats. I have a Trophy as well and generally I have gotten more then I paid for out of it. Is it top of the line? Nope, but I didn't take a mortgage out to own it :rofl:

If that is a Karavan trailer, which it appears to be, check it over with a fine tooth comb...then check it again.

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Half of the Karavan trailers I have seen have the wrong axles for their weight rating on them, parts installed upside down or backwards, screws left untightened, hubs not greased, no brake pads installed....just generally a mess. Mine was a disaster and many I have looked at sitting under brand new boats or owned by others I have run across are/were disasters as well. Trophy has become a quality boat, and they cut some costs (Mercury vs. Honda or Yammy) but you'd think they would put at least a load rite under them and add a few hundred to the price. Karavan has AWFUL customer service as well, so I'd look it over with a fine tooth comb and if you find anything serious try to get dealer to swap it out.

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Yikes. Wasn't expecting that. I'll be sure to check it as soon as I receive the boat, and if I find anything wrong it can stay with the dealer until it's fixed properly. Also thinking about having it safetied after everything you've mentioned.

Thanks for the heads up!

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Love my 2002WA. Boat has been great other than the Merc 125 outboard that just spun a bearing. Luckily dealer is covering it under full warranty.

I think you'll really enjoy it and it handles the waves very nicely in my opinion.

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