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First legal Muskie

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i am guessing the Niagara by a fisherman that is decent and knowledgeable enough to keep the fish in the water so he knows good release.

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The best part about that fish was that I had been fishing for muskie for days with no success so I decided to to catch a few bass to try and remember what a fish looked like. I packed up all my muskie lures put on a 1/4 oz. spinner bait and figured it was dooms day for the smallies.

First cast 18in smaillie...

2nd cast spinner bait just stops 1/2 way through the swing (the place i fish has current) HOOK SET! Big hard head shakes follow I am thinking what the heck am I attached to? The fish then surfaces thrashing all over and my hart stops. No leader on, 7'0 med action rod, 2500 series penn reel, 30lb braid. I am freeking out at this point.

Fish runs hard peels drag but I was able to land him.

I by no means think its ok to fish with such lite tackle for such awesome fish due to the fact it tireds them out too much.

I was able to fully revive him and he swam off with a shot!

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