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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:BLOODSHOT





Time on Water:600-1100 both

Weather/Temp:hot hot hot!!!

Wind Speed/Direction:none

Waves: flat

Surface Temp: 68-71






Total Hits: Lots

Total Boated: 50 or so

Species Breakdown: Kings/Steel/Coho/ Browns

Hot Lure: NBK SD MP My-Fly/ Wonderbread PT No-c em

Trolling Speed:

Down Speed:

Boat Depth: 200-280

Lure Depth: 75-125


SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS Took my wife and two sons out on 7/7 and they had a blast. We caught tons of fish. Lots of steel and coho with my son catching a monster coho at 22 pounds on the nose. I am going to place a picture if I can figure it out. Lots of very nice steel in the 6-12 pound range with a 13.3 at the largest. My 9 year old was watching the dipsey rod and asked me if a king would grab it, I said no because it was only runing at around 50-60 or so and the kings were in cooler temps. Well 3 minutes later it took of and was screamin. At the end of a 20 minute battle was a 22 pound king. Guess I was wrong. I love being wrong!!! All and I mean all the fish came on a east to west troll and a SE troll. No fish on a west to east because of the current. Lost count on fish but we had so much fun an dthen went to the nose to cool off.

Fishe 7/8 with my oldest son and his friend that was his birthday today. He is 12 troday. He said it was his best B-Day ever. That has to do with the fishin because it was smokin again. Both fish wise and temps. Conditions were the same with the water speed and temps and the same direction of troll. We caught some nice kings with the B-Day boy catching a very athletic and mad steelie at 13 pounds even. Out of all the fish I even managed to catch one and that was because we had a trip and was forced to reel one in and it was the smallest. NBK Spin doc with a monkey puke my fly doing most of the damage. A dew SD with a no c-em also produced and the NBK 28, and the NBK stinger were the hot spoons for both days. Good fishing to all.






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