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Sandy Creek 7/10 Triple S / Nothin But Net

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: Triple S/ Nothin But Net




Date(s): 7/10/

Time on Water: 5:00-10:30

Weather/Temp: Partly Cloudy

Wind Speed/Direction: WNW 10-15

Waves: 2-3'

Surface Temp: 70

Location: Devils Nose to Puphouse





Total Hits: 19

Total Boated:16

Species Breakdown: All kings today

Hot Lure: NBK Stingray

Trolling Speed: 2.0-2.75

Down Speed: 2.0-2.5

Boat Depth: Set up in 75' and trolled to 200'

Lure Depth: 70'-120'



Paired up with Nothin But Net for a short and VERY productive trip :D We couldn't even get 4 rods down for the first 1/2 hour NBK's where on fire for an hour. Small kings ruled the morning but did manage to hook up with a couple good fish 1 was lost and the other ended up being just over 20. Thanks Keith for great morning, hoping the evening bite tomorrow is still as hot.



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new to sandy creek area. where is the pumphouse and devil's nose

Chubbedup, both of the shore structures I've referenced are to the West of the launch. The "Pumphouse" is the water treatment facility about a mile from the launch and "Devils Nose " is the west end of Hamlin beach. In all a troll of about 2-4 miles +/- anywhere in that 100' depth should put you in good water.

Good Luck out there,


P.S Heading out around 3 and will report back later

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Good to hear you guys are still putting the whack on them.

After two days, I'm pretty certain that most of my fish here on L. George are going to consist of 10-14" smallmouth. I can't get a decent shallow water bite going (water temps are in the mid-80s) and the 15-20 fow rock piles off the points are producing generally small fish. There was a big tournament the day we got here and it didn't sound like many guys were finding big fish...in fact, there were lots of 2lb fish floating yesterday at the North end, presumably because the weigh-in site is at the shallowest, hence hottest, portion of the lake. For all the dead fish, there wasn't a 4-lber to be seen. Still, it beats...well, you know.

Good luck on L.O.; keep them worked up for when I get back.


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