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crotch lake

bob 13

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I was there about 15 years ago on a family fishing trip. We were fishing for walleyes and caught a ton. We jigged during the day and trolled at night. We caught some real nice fish. It's a beautiful lake with small coves that I bet would be great for bass. There were only about 10 cabins for rent, a small store and few campers when we went. Now it has really grown. I don't know if the same people own it now but they were great. I would recommend it to anyone, especially for the walleyes. If you go and have kids, there is a great place to go swimming. When leaving the docks and heading up the lake, I don't remember the direction, the camp is at the end of the lake though, when you make the first bend to the right, there is a rock on the right sticking out of the water about 20 foot with a flat edge and the water is about 10-15 deep and the other side is sloped so you can walk up. It's great for jumping off, and on the back side you can pull you boat up into some soft gravel, and walk up the sloped side of the rock.

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my family and I have been going up to "the Crotch" for several years now. I would highly recommend it. The guy who owns it is named Ward -- great guy who is happy to give you advice on locations, tackle, etc. 99% of the lake is undeveloped so if you like nature and a mellow vacation this is the place. You can always catch fish there, walleye and sm bass being predominant species. Lmb's too in the weedy areas, caught a 5 lber last year fishin for pike. Lookup Tumblehome Lodge if you haven't already for more info. My family will be up there 1st week in Aug. There are also 3-4 natural beaches around the lake that are great for a picnic or swimming.

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