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different "styles" of tournaments (US vs Can)


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thought maybe this might involve into an interesting discussion

so im kinda wondering why there seems to 2 different types of tournies on Lake O...

pro/ams & others along the US south shore seem to often be multi species and larger boxes

in Ontario (northshore) nearly all 1 or 2 day team tournies seem to be salmon only with boxes being 3-6 fish.

Can anyone elborate why this seems to be? i dont neccessarily think one type is better/worse then the other....

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Actually many many different types of events all season long, you mentioned "Tourney's" but there are also "derby" style format's out there

Salmon Only (KOTL)

Different species (Pro/Am)

Derby Format (LOC) spring summer and fall

Derby Format weekly (GOSD)

One day and several day team events

Smaller low dollar vs. higher dollar events (ranging from $60/entry to $600/entry)

Something for everyone, why are there different types you ask? Rules boil down to coordination, or a single events head coordinator's likings. The group or individual putting the most work into each event will usually dictate rules. I know if I was to run an event and I was the one making up the legwork I would want to enjoy it to its fullest, some would want to cater to their individual likings or try to achieve satisfaction from potential entrants

Speaking for the KOTL Yvan Charrios obviously likes the way his event is ran with Salmon Only, he probably feels by running this event this way would accrue the highest amount of interest

Maybe in another instance one event is ran for profit and one for non-profit.

Good question and many variables to answer about !!!

There are also many different rules pertaining to each, again coordination most likely feels the way they run each of their events would bring the most players


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