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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: LTtroller





Time on Water: 5-9pm

Weather/Temp: 80+

Wind Speed/Direction: NE - E

Waves: 0-1ft.

Surface Temp: 72

Location: North of creek, lol





Total Hits: 12

Total Boated: 9

Species Breakdown: Kings, sthd, coho, atlantic

Hot Lure: Orange stinger

Trolling Speed: 2-2.6

Down Speed: I would like to know

Boat Depth: 130' - 200'

Lure Depth: 35' - 100'




Took a chance the fun and sunners might be done by 5pm so headed for the lake. Well, still plenty of them out and 1 a.. h... just about swamped me power loading his speed boat on the launch side. :@:@:@ That did not set a good tone for this trip, but luckily the fish were ready to cooperate. :)

The boy and I set up in 120' and headed NE into the slight chop. Wasn't long before a nice steelie took my new favorite Michigan Stinger (Orange w/black dots). We picked along with a nice mix of steelhead & cohos, and then about 200FOW the wire out 275' with hammer/white sd & hammer fly (both of which I just purchased 2 hrs. ago) starts rippin'. I am relatively new to the LO fishing, but I instantly knew to get the other 3 lines up. The line counter was at 650 before it even thought about slowing down and the boy (and me too) were beginning to panic. After a long battle, we netted a beautiful 25.5lb. king. :):)

We (should I say - I) lost another good major :( on the same set-up, in the same area, about an 1hr. later. Did hit a few more fish and ended the night with a nice atlantic. We fished until about 9pm and enjoyed the beautiful sunset.

2 side notes - 1) fleas did not seem as bad as mid-week, although I did switch over to 30# big game and the rigger lines weren't left in the water for any extended periods of time - darn fish! :rofl:

2) all fish caught on an NE troll.

Good luck all.



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