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50 lb. laker

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Here is the story for you Fishstix, my google search for a pic of the Michigan State record lake trout of 61 lbs. caught back in 1997 ( I think) yielded this story of the Colorado state record laker caught May 23, 2007. I will keep looking for the Michigan sate record photo of the pig caught out of Lake Superior near L'Anse Michigan.



EDIT 6:14 PM June 5, 2007

Here is a pic & short caption of Michigan state record laker caught in August 1997


New York State record laker currently stands at 41 lbs 8 oz. caught in Lake Erie on August 9, 2003.

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ITB - I believe the rod/reel King salmon record is 97 Lb caught in Alaska (cerca '85) however bigger have been reported netted. Also the world record "greaser" is larger than that pictured.

However, if any of us caught a 50 Lb'r in Big-O, we'd need a new pair of nickers :roll: ;)

Tom B.


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