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Tackle Shops

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I will be heading to Lake O next week for a few days. Could I get some addresses of tackle shops in the Oswego area, say within 25 miles or so. I have been to Jon's in Mexico. Just figured there must be others nearby. Please supply the address if you know it, that way I can pop it in the GPS and go.


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There is Larry's Salmon shop , Owsego

Fat nancy's west Owsego

Jon's Little Salmon on 104b ?

Woody's on RT3 Port Ontario, There is another one there, but I don't know the name

Fat nancy's and All season's on Rt 13 and the Pulaski exit on I-81north.

Screwy Louies in Fair Haven

That should spend most of your money :lol::clap:

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Jim Dence's "All Season Sports" located right next to the new Byrne Dairy, at the end of the exit ramp off 81, in Pulaski.

2000 sq ft new addition, and I believe he has a grand opening sale going on right now.

Another tackle shop, in Port Ontario, is Port Ontario Bait & Tackle, across from the Mobil Mini Mart, on Rt 3.

Those places are where I do business. :yes:


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