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Jax Report last weekend 7-11 + 7-12

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I had 2 trips last weekend and procrastinated in gettin up the report. The fishing has been awesome out of Olcott and from what im hearing most ports right now! The first day Sunday we had to work for our fish fishing right out front, inside 100 fow early then sliding out to 150-200 as the sun got highier. We ended the day with plenty of action with smaller kings up 6 lbs and some steelhead and 2 kings over 20 lbs. With one of those kings weighing between 33.10 - 34-6 lbs on a scale in my boat. Keep the story short-- One of the guys did NOT get into the derby. After ridicule beyond belief from his best friend and of course me the rest of the day the fish went into the cooler for him to get mounted as his Personal Best! 5 hours later the king weighed 32.14 on the scales at the slippery sinker. :o Both kings hit Spin Doctor/fly combos in Dalmation/Atommik hammer and Lemon Ice/Atommik B-fly. The big guy took the dalmation off a 110 rigger in 140 fow. That fish would have been top 3 for sure!! :( Here are some pics




Monday morning I met up with some guys from Ohio for their first Lake Ontario Experience. I first made sure they were BOTH in the derby before we left the dock. We made a short run to some newer water then the day before, heading straight north out of port and set up. Before all the rods were in we were on a steady bite of teenage kings and steelhead up to 10 lbs. We went through a flurry that took all rods out of the water within 5 minutes. Spoons off the riggers mupped in 50 degree water and the other rigger mupped 20 ft deeper was key for the steady action on the riggers. All rods took fish but the Natural born killer Stinger Stingray was by far MVP taking kings and steel ALL day! We ended the day with over 35 bites boating over 25 fish. They kept some of the steelhead and kings that didnt make it for the grill. Spread for the day was the rigger set mentioned above with 4 wire divers from 140-240 all taking shots. White on white Spin Doctor/fly combos early with glow green echip, lemon ice Spin Doctor/Atommik B-fly getting em going later in the day.

We lost a couple real good fish near the back of the boat along with some real quality steelhead jumping and throwing the hook back at us. We had multiple doubles including 2 - smaller kings on ONE rod! They had a riot and couldnt believe the amount of fish and size of them in Lake O!! Had an awesome couple days on the lake!





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