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THANK YOU ABES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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FROM the capt .meeting to weighins ,either i missed it or wasnt there for the PROPER THANK YOU TO ABES RESTURANT!!!

With parking being so limited in Sodus Point He gave up some precious space and probly money lost due to patrons not being able to park close ....

Across the road was a ""ABES ONLY"" Parking lot ...

Despite being told to park at the "SPECIAL PRO /AM SPOT" many plugged the spots across the road from ABE's.

I walked the distance with 2 bad knees so im shure everyone or most could of walked the extra 200yds to OUR parking spot..

So from a team who enjoyed the closeness to restrooms,refreshments,and some great food I say THANK YOU ABE'S FOR GIVING US YOUR PARKING LOT

I know were all tired at the end of a day but like MOM always says DO AS YOUR TOLD!!!!!

Team Pegasus

Ray And son Casey..

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