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cannon rigger noise


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i have cannon mag 10 marlins and one of them is making a thumping noise as its coming up and the auto stop quits workin when it does it? was just once in a while but now all the time any ideas? didnt wanna just tear into it lol

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one of my new mag 10s was doing the same called factory and thet gave me quite a list of possabilitys.....but what i found was the bearing behind the clutch knob was dry from factory and the through shaft was dry as a popcorn fart too...small groves were worn in washers on either side of "flat"bearing flipped washers greased shaft and bearings and no problem ,now this one started to clunk after 3 trips out of the box so maybe the cannon line ant what it used to be,also 2 of 3 motor mount bolts were stripped from factory,,..they wanted me to send in for warrenty but 2 days before derby wouldnt give me time ,,,my old cannons are working fine after 23 years so i Know they are cheaping there stuff...

I am very good at repairing bout anything and to buy new cannons would be a mistake in my book..plus now they quite making the old style swivel lock pins so if you got em your S.O.L. Till some company with 1/2 of a brain starts making them

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