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downrigger weights, rods & reels - SOLD

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I have too many stuff sitting in the garage. Thought somebody could use them.

Rods and Reels: All SOLD except for downrigger weights.

2 Daiwa 47H with rods: Daiwa Lucky Strike 8' and Ugly Stix 8.3. $40 each. Lowered to $35 each or just the reels for $30 each.

1 Penn 310 GTi Graphite reel with Master Graphite 8.5'. $40 each. Lowered to $35

Package de[flash=] al - All rods and reels for $100



Downrigger weight - $35 each for the rubber shark, $30 each for rubber bal, $25 for 12# ball, $20 for 10# ball. All downrigger weights for $150.

12# rubber ball sold. Pair of Rubber shark lowered to $30 each and pair of green rubber ball lowered to $20 each.


Pick up in Rochester preferred. Thanks for looking.

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