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WE WANT YOU BACK!!!!!!! """"""A-TOM-MIK""""!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Does fishing smallies in 50 fow outside Port Bay ring a bell about 10 years ago ??

I use to fish that Port Bay Tourney every year and even have a 1st and 2nd place trophy on the mantel to prove it (that I'm very proud of) !!! (:

or how about how we use to chase gills over 100 miles from home some 15 years ago

Still have a 16" Black Callie on the wall for proof of them years also

You ARE a friend but I never knew you frequented the big lake scene

All is well in O town and the perch are no longer safe come hard water !!!! ....and I even looked forward to our old buddy Ray D fishing the Oswego Pro/Am this year after a many year lay-off

Talk soon bambam


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It is known as "PRIDE"

......and that is something I will fight to never lose


I don't blame you one bit and commend you for it right or wrong you give that up you have nothing.

I've been in bad situations before and still feeling the pain from it in this sport, at the end of the day it's what feels right is what matters. We have to live with the decisions we make and people say may say I wouldn't have done that or whatever but they aren't you, let's face it you and ATM have large shoes, shoes that none of us would want to be walking in (unless they are at the winners circle :clap: ) only you can decide what's right or wrong and everyone should respect that.

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Not sure about your latest approach or twist on the issue? Not sure where your coming from or where your going with what you've said, first your concern was with your dads mistakes, then you were "only" passing along some proverbs?

I suspect someday you will figure it out Tom. No need for me to further explain.

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WOW....Tom you are the man and I admire you for standing up to what you believe in :clap::clap:

In MY OPINION this was handled and announced unprofessionally. Regarless of the reasons for the change announcing it the day after the Niagara Pro/Am deadline was not done by accident and the committe knows it was wrong.

A-TOM-MIC makes the best flies and combos on this lake both north and south shores. I would bet that every fisherman has an ATM fly is his/her arsenal :yes::yes: Your new flies for 2010 has increased my box numbers. I just recieved another order from Pete (Great Lakes Tackle) last Thursday and they put 8 fish in my box Saturday.

I kinow by saying this next statement I am going to get grief but every Pro/Am there seems to be s thread that draws a lt of attention and rebuddles. The last three (The Observer, Communications and now Sponsors) the same comment from the same guy says "I heard from a source that there is more then is being said on LOU". I guess I do not understand why this source does not come forward and help with the understanding of why some changes are being made. This would probably cool these situations down.


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One of the most confounding mysteries in all of political thought stems from the fact that most 'politicians' are not caring people. As a general rule they have no real friends and the only values that most of them attempt to display are nothing more than 'markers' on an ever-spinning wheel that answers to whichever way the winds of popularity might blow. That is not the same thing as having anything that could pass for any basis in the whirlwind of our lives.

Politicians are nothing more than jumbled puzzle pieces that from time-to-time are stuck together by greed and by those twisted forms of power that are constantly shifting like heaps of autumn leaves, at the mercy of every passing breeze. It is no wonder then that their actions mystify most people, because politicians answer to something that the rest of us consider artificial.

People must live by their values, which are not separate from the most intimate parts of life and death. Politicians believe that they can 'create' facts by passing laws that contravene the laws of nature and of life, and therein lies the basic disconnect between 'people' and their so-called leaders. This nation died when our politicians figured out how to vote themselves money: From that point forward these so-called 'servants of the people' began to treat us as their slaves. We no longer run the houses that we live in anymore than we have any say in what the policies of this nation ought to be. If we were still capable of critical thought then this nation would have long ago left all these childish games-of-politics behind.

"A simple Quote"


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WOW is all i have to say to have the honor of you considering me as a friend i have alway's looked up to you as a professional and steward of fishing the big water scene and never considered consulting you on it because never figured i was in your leauge of expertise i should have known better because of the good hearted stand up guy that you are.

those were the good days were they not poundin smallies in 50 f.o.w. hitting the hard water for gill's in 5 f.o.w.

glad to see you got ray back out there on the water :yes:

now with any luck i will run into you on saturday on the little salmon challenge and i'm pretty sure a-tomic flies will be putting fish in the box for a long time to come.

talk to you soon tom.

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Sounds to me like all parties concerned need to get in a room , lock the door , put on the gloves, have at it, and don't come out till an equitable soltution is agreed upon. Sounds like everyone needs everyone in this equation. Also , PRIDE is what drives most succesful people IMO. Hope this tourny is still around when I get time in a few years.

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Well we bought your products when a fly was thought of a bait used by flyfishernen to most.

WE bought every newest and greatest producer till our tackle boxes were replaced by FLY storage boxes..

You came a long way from single trebels to double hooks and rattles.

Now when we unload our boats for the winter because of you we must sneak in our "few" flies at night after the wife is asleep so they dont see them "ALL"

We ,your supporters,derby entrants,and friends ... are the ones who are getting hurt for your withdrawing from your Generous sponcerships...

I am really trying to understand the message here.

Is it that you purchased Tom's products only because he was a sponsor of the Pro/Am?

Is it that even if they were not good effective lures you would have still purchased boxes and boxes of them because he was a sponsor?

Is it that you buying his product made him successful and he now owes you something?

Or is it that Tom has supported the pro/am in a big way for a long time AND provided the fishing public with quality product that many have purchased and will continue to purchase regardless of his future affiliation with the Pro/AM?

The sponsor effect on public product purchasing has been overblown for ever in my mind. You purchase product because it works, not because the logo is on a tourney shirt Manufacturers dollars need to be used wisely in the promotion of their business to get the return on investment.

Times change, nothing stays the same forever. He has elected to move on for whatever his reasons, that's his choice. I'm sure he will find new ways in the future to participate in the promotion of his passion through both his business and personal life.

Just my opinion as an outsider,


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This whole thread as much as anything is the reason why enrollment in derbies has shrunk. Tourneys bring money issues, politics and general BS to what is supposed to be RECREATION for most. Sure there are a handful of guys trying to make a career of it, but very few. As prizes grew, the amount of stupid people doing stupid things grew...by 1990 you couldn't even fish the mouth of the Genny without worrying about some weekend warrior running you down with his mothers, brothers, cousins tin jalopy. My dad and I did 4 or 5 derbies, at least, every year for 20 years. I haven't signed up for one in five years though, none. I fish for me...for relaxation, for sport and for FUN.

That said, I'll keep buying Tom's stuff for me, for friends, etc.. and keep recommending his stuff, because it catches fish. And that is what I'm doing out there. Catching fish. And if his prices drop 15% because he is not sponsoring some of these things...I bet I buy 15% more, or at least 10% more of his stuff and 5% more :beer:

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No Kim Im just a country boy who doesnt try to say some thing to spin it,,,,didnt want to make a political issue either ...just plain oll what the post says ...Tom is a great guy who Ive dissused this post with him with .PM...I offered to pull it also and all was well with him and I, and the post..

This post is a thank you to Tom and his products ,and He knows that through PM conversations..

From a team (member) who has fished a few pro/ams ,tried to get some excitement on this board for new teams to at least give it a try, to letting a great supporter know how the few :lol: teams and guys feel and what is said under the tent,at the dock,over dinner,coffee, and at a few night hangouts too ..

Thats half the problem with this country you try to Thank someone , let them know you have been with them from day one, appreacieate what they have done up till now, and let them know that their missed at events and would "like to stand behind them (Tom)" at events dispite the politics of it all ....

and a few LIBERALS try to spin a "ATTABOY" into some negative message to oppose the real message ...!!!!!!

Bottom line If you support tom and his current decisions let him know,If you miss him at the events . let him know, just a simple response like >>> :yes: <<<<< is all thats needed...

I always try to be of a positive help on this site dispite the few liberals who have to battle,twist,and interpertate a message to promote their own agenda.

The post could of read" I want you back" but i got some ears ,and hear when i listen,and what i hear around the lake is Tom is missed ,supported,and "WE" would like to have him back as friends......

Ray K

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