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another Newbie Question, COWBELLS this time

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Getting ready for a week-long trip to Lake George and just picked up my first set of cowbells. I have a couple of "hammerhead" brand that I picked up, but have some really basic questions as to their use:

1) How far off the ball should these be run? I am assuming real close, as I will be running them at or very close to the bottom followed by some flatfish on a 24" lead.

2) Which comes first: the three "leaf" spins or the single square?? Pretty simple you would think, but would hate to be running them "Backwards"!!!

Still don't have down speed at temp capability so I will be doing a lot of guessing. Hoping to see if some spin doctors and flies will work there off of walker deeper divers out wide and some spoons on free sliders running above the cowbells and flatfish. A little worried the speed (Slow) of the cowbells might be too slow for the rest. Anybody who has any experience fishing Lake George please jump in and provide some in-sights or advice. If all else fails, I will have to go after those ugly green fish!!

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and some spoons on free sliders running above the cowbells and flatfish

I would not do that , you could run a spoon back and a slider above that less tangles that way. I have two cannon balls on the bottom of Lake George so have your cluch/brake adjusted good bottom is very rocky and I could not get the cannon balls back stuck in the rocks. Lake is very clear so diver out and down work good. Smelt is main food so slim baits work better than full bodied flys. I fished out of Roger Rock campgrounds and a east , west troll produced better than the north south but I always was there in May....................good luck it's a great area. :yes:

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