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Oak Orchard 7/31 8/1

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:Karl AKA Kooter/HOOKN AINT EASY




Date(s):JULY 31 AUGUST 1

Time on Water: 9 HRS

Weather/Temp:SUNNY/HIGH 70's

Wind Speed/Direction:SOUTHEAST AND EAST

Waves: SAT-LESS THAN 1 SUN-3-4

Surface Temp: 73 Degrees

Location: Point Breeze

LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): I don't know




Total Hits: 10

Total Boated: 6

Species Breakdown: 3 Kings 3 steelhead

Hot Lure: DW Gator, DW Green Glo Alewife

Trolling Speed:

Down Speed: 2.5-2.9

Boat Depth: 90-150

Lure Depth: 40-55



==================== Good to be back on the water, no weddings and no boat problems for once. Bubba (600beers) and i headed out for are first day out in awhile. We had are buddy Beener who was from Iowa and it was his first time on a great lake or a fishing boat. And my youngest sister who was out for her second trip ever. Right out of the shoots we took a hit on the 55 rigger with a gator on it but we missed him, i was on the other side of the dog house. So i gave my green crew members a crash course in downriggers and it was on. Beener got to fight a nice steelie for a little bit but it got off about ten feet behind the boat it was a decent steelie on a diver on 3 setting pulling a Death Wish Spinnie and a purple mirage fly. And then gator went off again and lets just say i got schooled by a big Steelhead and i dumped him right behind the boat. I was on the other side setting up and looked over and the rod was acting funny and away i run. I am the most ungraceful person you have ever seen and when 250 lbs gets trucking lookout sometimes stuff gets broke and this time it was my ankle lol. I was coming around turn 4 lol (the dog house) and i smashed my ankle on the rear seat support. My ankle looked liked it had a baseball in it and turned purple. Hurt like hell but hey were fishing and i could still walk and i think it is a really nasty bruise. So then the green alewife goes off and my little sis steppd up and hooked it i netted and she had her first King. A couple pictures and then we went a while without moving a rod and with my ankle swelling me and Bubba switched up and i drove to try to change the bad juju in the boat. And the rods started popping. Bubba and the crew landed 2 more younger kings and we calld it a day.

Headed out Sunday morning with (600beers) and my buddies Stu and Mookers and we picked up where we left off but in a little closer. Gator and Green Alewife start firing one nice 2 year old king and a couple of small steelies that we let go. Then the sun came out and it seemed like that was the end of the action. Which was fine cause poor Stu was really sea sick and he rode it out like a champ but with the teasing from Mookers, Stu chumba'd hardcore and we called it early cause i have been there and it sucks. But all in all it was a good weekend me and Bubba got some work to do to get ready for the fall LOC. Gonna be fishing this weekend to so good luck to all and be safe.

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Was a good day, Kooter. Other than the chummin at the end, anyway. Maybe better luck next time. Let's hope Erie co-operates a bit more in two weeks for walleye! We need to get that No Smoking sign put up in the boat! :puke::puke:

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