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cannon uni-troll clutch

Roughrider IV

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I have 2 uintrolls from 1986 which seem to need new clutchs. One drops fast or stops, no real in -between and the other acts like a warped brake rotor,high/low spot. I ordered new clutch pads for both. Any tips for taking apart the downrigger before I start?

Any other parts required?

Thanks, roughrider out

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Nothing to it.You have to take the cable off the spool to expose the set screw that locks the spool to the shaft.Then you can take the handle off and proceed to remove the square cover off the other side and slide out the shaft.You'll see once you get into it that it's pretty basic stuff,and not much to it.


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I just did this. Couple of things you should do once you are in there. I would replace the plastic sleeve that the axel sits in. They cost like a buck. There are a couple of washers and another washer that has ball bearing imbedded in it. I would most definitely replace them. Then there is the larger clutch pads which sounds like you are on to. BTW fish307 has the best prices and excellent service.

Good luck.


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Roughrider: I had a pair of those as my first riggers, had the same issues :devil: . there is an updated lubricant for the clutches, I ended up getting scotties and love them. I occasionally use the unitroll as a third rigger (center), and it is still troublsome. Fish307 has what u need but don't expect miracles.

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