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Happy Buffyday


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HAPPY BIRFDAY tomorrow Ray! :yes: Hope it's a good one! I hope the retiree (wife) has the whole day planned for ya - craft store, candle store, picnic lunch etc.... ;) Enjoy your day!


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Happy B-day Ray. Thanks for the laughs you have provided......all the while helping us feel better about our spelling skills. Now go rub up and down half naked against a dead bear. :yes:

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OMGANOTHERSHORTFATBALDONE has passed another annual ritual of life by becoming buffy once again on his journey into life. many years ago (53) the legend began as he was born among many great hunters and fishers buffy to the world. He fears no bare (bear), no hair (hare), and fish fear him for his astounding prowess with the snoopy pole and Musky bobbers. His skills revealed here to all on LOU, are an invaluable resource of knowledge, especially spelling, and are forever archived within the halls of electron storage known as the internet. A postaholic worthy of a celebration fit for a king.... or in his case a Chief of the tribe of shortfatbaldones.

May he live another 53 to chase deer and bear and fish across this great land, and bring stories of great hunts and fishes back to the LOU tribe. Go forth oh ye great buffy one and may you have your way with the beasts of this land as they have had with you. A grand SALUTE! to you on your revered day Ray!!...oops.. I mean Bald Eagle.

A :beer: A :bear: A :handshake: for Ray

Have a great day :yes: ....Mark

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