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Congratulations to team Tall Tails


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Congrats to Brian and Marlene for winning the Henderson Harbor derby.

Here is a picture of the absolutley best looking 1/2 of the team sitting on and wearing their 1st place prize package.

Sorry Brian but I can't lie on the message board. ;)


Nice job guys and gals.


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Thanks to Bill Saiff for a great tourney and to all those involved. It was fun with some great prizes. I happily settled for 2nd, congrats Marlene!! Thanks to Yank for the info and Ray K prefishing with me.

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Thank you all!!! :beer:

It was a very well run tourney from the Saiffs to the Local Chamber of Commerce. For there first attempt at a major tourney it was very well run. I was amazed at the local support from the vendors and there donations of gear.

I honestly thought our fish would never hold up. We didnt even take a picture of Mar holding the fish. Marlene is going to be keeping the helmet for pro am tourney fishing with me!! :rofl:

Landshark I wish I would have introduced myself that day as I heard you say you were from deruyter and I thought that was you!! Congrads to you on your 2nd place as the fishing was very challenging all weekend!

As far as who is the best looking you wont get any argument out of me! ;) Marlene puts up with a lot during our tourneys and she deserved to catch that fish after watching lots of fish being caught all year at the wheel during tourneys and charters. I couldnt ask for a better partner!

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Trust me no one wants to see me in chaps!!! :o Unfortunelty our Charter book has us very tied up that weekend. We had to make a decision in July right after the pro ams, I didnt feel we cold put a competative enough team together for that one. We send our Best to all the teams competing in the Scotty!!!!!

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