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Yankee @ the Oak 8/7 & 8/8

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Morning Trip - Took a ride out to the 29N Line straight out front of the Oak and got into fish immediately. I couldn't get 8 rods in the water until about 9:30am. Tons of fun, but a lot of work for such small fish. We were catching mostly Steelhead with a few Chinooks mixed in. Our program consisted of 3 riggers, 4 wires, and 1 copper. On the riggers we had Northern King Sea Sick Waddlers on the deep rigger, Dreamweaver SS Shiznits on the middle rigger, and Dreamweaver SS Gators on the high rigger. The 300 copper pulled a Dreamweaver Magnum Gator, and we ran it down the chute with all the copper in the water. We ran flasher fly combos on our low wires (42nd combo, and Albino Gator Spinny/A-TOM-MIK Hypnotist), and on our high wires we ran Mag Spoons (Northern King 42nd and Northern King Sea Sick Waddler). We cut our trip short with a nice box, and some tired arms! Justin reeled in most of the fish on this trip as his father and his friend Phil watched. Justin broke his big fish record multiple times today! He left with one heck of a smile.



Evening Trip - Headed back out to that 29N-31N water right off the Oak and had a slow pick for most of the night. Same mix of fish, but a tad bit on the smaller side. Same program as the morning too. By the end of the trip our best picture would be found at the 28N line a tad bit East of the Oak.

We had a beautiful Steelhead, about 9lbs, give us an Ariel show until he met our net. That was our highlight until about an hour left in the trip. I moved the high rigger up into 60 degree water looking for some Steelhead, and within 10 minutes that rod pops and its off to the races. At one point my guy says "we are running out of line!" I look down at the reel and snatched it from him while yelling for my brother to turn on this fish. I put the thumb down on him and showed him that there is a higher power! After I got some line back on the reel I handed it back off, and when it hit the net I knew why it came so close to spooling us. On the scale it weighed 27lb's and change. This groups biggest to date by about 2 pounds. This is when the smack talking began, and it wouldn't let up until Sunday morning.




We started at the 27N line and rode the waves out to the mid 28N line. This ride yielded 1 fish! We had some decent bait, so I turned on it and went through it at a different direction. Straight into the waves, and some added lure action, was all it took to get the rods firing. Almost instantly rods began to pop, but sighting the same story from yesterday size was an issue. Most fish were under the legal size limit.

Our program today was a very simple 6 rod spread. 3 riggers, 2 wires, and a 300 copper. The riggers pulled the same lures we pulled on Saturday, but the Dreamweaver Shiznits would never take a hit. We exchanged them out for some Dreamweaver Raspberry Dolphins, which put their share of fish in the boat. Our wires pulled many combos during the day, but the ones we would end up with was a Dreamweaver Green blade double crush gow with green dots pulling an A-TOM-MIK L225 UV Dolphin, and a Green Smartfish with an A-TOM-MIK Sherbert fly. Our 300 copper continued to pull that dreamweaver Mag Gator.

We worked West for a while, and got into some gin clear water with nothing on the screen. We finally pointed the boat NE and rode the waves out to the 29N line where the water turned green again and the fishfinder lit up with bait and fish. Rods began to fire again! With about an hour to go our wire diver starts singing! It was our Froggy Deeper Diver that had the Dreamweaver Green blade double crush glow with green dots pulling an A-TOM-MIK L225 UV Dolphin out 240 on a 2 setting. This fish took us out to 800', but the guy on the rod handled it well. Before we knew it another SLOB hit our deck! When we put him on the scale it was 27lbs and change. That makes TWO 27lb fish for us in ONE weekend. We would end the day with a decent box of fish. Today most of the fish in the box were Salmon.



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Thank you for the detailed report.

I will be making my annual trip to the OAK August 19-22.

I only get to make one trip a year but really enjoy reading the reports all year.

Thanks again for the info. It's nice to know at least some of what is going on.


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