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Hello Everyone

Dr. Fish

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Name: Jeff Pierce

Location: Scottsville, NY

Home Port: all over the globe

Boat Name/Type:

I fish for: everything that swims in both salt and freshwater


Hello Everyone

Finally had a little time to get registered on this great website. I love seeing so many folks chatting about our amazing fishery here. I'm the Sales Manager at O. Mustad & Son (World's largest fish hook manufacturer) as well as sone of the hosts of The New Fly Fisher TV which is based in Canada. I've been a hard core angler, both fly and conventional (lures and bait) for over 30 years now. Ran a charter boat with a guy for several years out of Pt. Breeze and Braddock's back in the 80's and early 90's as well as deckhanded on boats from Pulaski top the Niagara Bar.

With my position at Mustad, I fish all over North America and venture around the globe as well. I chase everything from Bluegill's to Blue Marlin. Suffice to say, if it has fins and gills, I've probably caught it, or at least tried to.

Looking forward to chatting it up with folks here.

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Psst jeff ,sometimes you can get in a rut trying the same hooks all the time ,a very smart move on your companys part ,would be to send someone new on some of those fishing trips ,you know 2 heads are better than one.

I would be willing to sacrafice some time to travel with you to help better improve your companys product.

I know I know this is a tuff decision on my part but im willing to travel and fish to help all the employes at Mustad...

Welcome Ray K.

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