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Anything going on in the trenck

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Question about lake access via stoney point launch: are lake lev els too low to get to the trench via stoney creek launch? I know that the levels were real low this Spring; any info appreciated as I would like to fish the trench/wall area this weekend!

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was in the Trench on saturday,went 3 for 3 on browns ,one being about 8lbs.all spoons,one off the finger then nailed two right in front of Gravley Beach.funny thing was i started out going straight to the wall starting there and looked for bait,got that first brown there,saw very little to no bait.trolled off the finger more,no bait and no fish fora while.turned back and headed for the light .house picked up brown#2 headed north after a half houror so finally had afew marks and one very,very small pod of bait......very discouraging...no bait. got to the first pill box and all of a sudden it was wall to wall bait,stacked 20ft or so for almost a 1/2 mile.i had been missing all this bait all this time.had some big marks hovering above it but could not get any takers.started pulling the port rigger to head home ,when all of a sudden the strbrd.rigger fires and another brown shows up.i think the kings are still up in the lanes and wont be showing up for awhile yet,i think its because of the warm water temps through out the water column.i think they will be a bit late but will be around longer into sept.before they head to the river.just my opinion.

good luck to all in the fall derby!

mike m

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