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Northern King Summer Sale is back.

60 Hojack Park

Roch, Ny 14612

Off Ling Rd.


Tuesday (8/17) 10:00-5:00

Wedneday (8/18) 10:00-5:00

Thursday (8/19) 10:00-5:00

Friday (8/20) 10:00-4:00

Monday - Thursday (8/23 - 8/26) 10:00-4:00

Plenty of colors

Reject or over stocked Blanks - $1.50 & Under

Reject or over stocked Hooked Spoons $2.00 & under

Fly Bodies - 2 pack - $4.00

Tape, Split Rings & Hooks

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Sounds pretty cool Greecebucs - thank you for sharing. I happen to live just down the road from that location. Have you ever been to this sale and is it worth going? Do they have regular patterns there for sale? I think I will check it out this year.

Thanks again!


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Went a couple of years ago to the spring sale. Worth the trip. Got a bunch of spoons all colors. Rings and hooks and away you go. They had some colors that wern't in the stores .

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I've gone to both there spring and summer sale for the last 2 years, well worth the trip and I live in Conesus. They have a little bit of everything and for the most part the will add tape to different colors for your liking. They say the spoons they sell at the sale are slightly blemished but I find nothing wrong with them and for $2.00 a spoon thats a huge savings.


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