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8/12/10 Port Bay Report (Game on with pics)

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: Finders Keepers




Date(s): 8/12

Time on Water: 6-11

Weather/Temp: cloudy/warm

Wind Speed/Direction: SE 10-20

Waves: 2-3's laying down

Surface Temp: 74

Location: East of Port Bay





Total Hits: 14

Total Boated: 10

Species Breakdown: 3 browns, 1 coho, 6 kings

Hot Lure: Nuclear NBK Mag, white w/ green dots spin doc/ultra green glow fly

Trolling Speed: 3.0-3.6

Down Speed:

Boat Depth: 120-220

Lure Depth: 75-95




Headed out of Port Bay solo today at 5:15 and decided to head east in case the winds picked up. So I motored over in front of Fair Haven and set-up over 110 fow. After setting the 87 ft rigger, before I could get the next rod to set-up, the first fired, but nobody home. Got re-set and it was GAME ON as the 440 ft wire got rocked hard!! 20 minutes later this dark 24 lb'er hit the bottom of the net:


It was a challenge to say the least out there today with the wind, but I was into them! 8) I would continue to do fish one after the next and had both rods in the boat with fish floppin' a couple times. Around 9 am the bite slowed to a pick. Then, as I was making my way back west towards Port Bay, at 10:30 the wire took two hard hits, then gone. :$ Re-set the rod and 5 minutes later it went rippin' out!! Peddle-to-the-metal heading for Canada, I was just holding on lovin' the sound my reel was making!! :yes::P Then after a straight 250 ft run, two hard head bobs and the line went slack... :@ Brought it in to find it had sliced the treble hook off! That ended my day as I had to get in for coaching volleyball, but what a day! Finished 10 for 14 with 3 browns to 8 lbs, 6 kings to 24 lbs, and beautiful 8 lb coho:


Biggest Brown:


Had at least 8 other boats in my area, but didn't see any hook up. Maybe I had the magic lure combo's working! :P I only ran 3 lures all morning: Mupped nuclear NBK Mags on the rigger and white glow with green dots spin doc pulling an ultra glow green fly, then when the spoon bite seemed to slow down, I put a white with green edges and shiny chartruese back echip pulling an ultra glow green fly under a nuclear NBK Mag on the rigger. Rigger was set between 75 and 95 feet, wire was out 400 to 440 on a #2 setting. The FF was lit up all morning with lots of fish and many suspended bait pods - I wish I had that kind of screen every day out!!! 8)

I'll be heading out tomorrow and Sat am to get my treble hook back and try to put a 30+ lb'er in the boat. :clap: Finally I think the numbers are showing up!! 8)

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Nice Tim,

I reread you post twice looking for the altantic in there before I scolred down. I give you solo guys props for catching as many fish as you do. I don't think i would have the same luck in my boat without autopilot. Heading out with Dale in the morning. With any luck it will be as good out of Bear Creek.

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it wasnt the lures it hada be the shorts after you releaset the first fish he went down and told his buddies "man you gotta see this dude" ....I get it all the time buffy fishing them fish start laffin so hard they spit the hook at the back of the boat, its the females that hurt when i get em to the boat and they hold up their little fin and sorta wiggle it around :(

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Awesome job....super bunch of fish...me ,and a lot of other guy's sure hope you're right about the "numbers" showing up!!! Keep on "em .....hope you get that 30 LB plus tomorrow.... (btw with all that big fish toothy action don't forget to check and re-rig them leaders!!!!!)......steve

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Hey Steve,

We'll do our best to keep on 'em and let everyone know where where we're doing them (at least until the week before the Fair Haven Challenge ;) )!

Ray - LMAO!! :rofl: It does seem that we put more fish in the boat when I wear those shorts, so there could be some truth to what you're saying... :lol:

Jeff - Good luck this morning! I hope you and Dale get into a few matures! I'm sure Dale and I will be talking in the morning to see what's going on... 8)

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