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8/13/10 Port Bay Report (Here Fishy Fishy - still GAME ON!)

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: Finders Keepers




Date(s): 8/13/10

Time on Water: 6am-4pm

Weather/Temp: sunny, warm

Wind Speed/Direction: SE 10-15 becoming light S

Waves: 1-2's laying down to a ripple

Surface Temp: 75

Location: East and West of Port Bay





Total Hits: 17

Total Boated: 16

Species Breakdown: 14 kings, 1 brown, 1 laker

Hot Lure: white spin doc with green dots pulling ultra green fly, cheerleader

Trolling Speed: 2.8-3.4

Down Speed: not yet...

Boat Depth: 100-450

Lure Depth: 70-90




Got out today with my dad and brother and hit the water at 6am. We headed east to where I lost the two majors at the end of my trip yesterday and set-up over 90 fow. It was a slow go at first, but after sliding out a bit our wires started to get bit. We did 7 kings (5 skips and two around 10 lbs), but no majors. We couldn't get the riggers fire either. So when that area dried up, we headed deeper and swung all the way out to 450 fow with a blank screen, so we pulled lines and ran into some old waypoints west of Port Bay over 180 fow. Soon after setting back up the rods started to pop, even the riggers!! :P After a few more skips, the 87 ft rigger pulling a cheerleader started throbbing, then went wizzin' out and got wrapped in the wire. :devil: Luckily the fish was very cooperative as we untangled the mess, just swimming along with us about 25 feet behind the boat. After 30 minutes of untangling we finally freed the line and brought the beauty to the net - 26 lb'er. 8) (left the camera in the boat, so I'll post a pic with tomorrow's report). Set back up and headed back through our waypoints and tripled up on two skip kings and a nice 10 lb brown. We continued to bang small kings (and a 6 lb laker at 82 ft??) until we called it quits at 4pm.

Fish came on the white spin doc with green dots pulling the ultra green glow fly on the wires and 250 copper with a dipsy (tried something new), and cheerleaders on the riggers set at 86 and 82 feet. FF was good in spots, but not as good as yesterday. We'll be out tomorrow AM for another go at 'em...

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