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2 Scotty 1080 Strongarm 24" Manual Downriggers

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2 Scotty 1080 Strongarm 24" Manual Downriggers

Extension mount

$150 OBO

ARM: 24" Stainless Steel Boom upgraded from 1 inch diameter to 1 1/4 inch diameter and unit redesigned for even greater strength.

SPEED: Extra fast two feet per turn


MOUNTING: Tilt mount plate is 2 1/2" X 4 1/2" Bolting dimensions 1 5/8" X 3 3/4"

OPTIONAL MOUNTS: #1026 Swivel, #1025 Side Gunnel, #1027 Rail Adaptor & #1028/29 Gimbal.


Automatic brake, spool extension handle for extra cranking leverage, tilt up arm, adjustable clutch, adjustable rod holder.


200 ft. of 150 lb cable, digital counter, line release, tilt mount and lifetime warranty

OTHER BENEFITS: The Scotty Strongarm 24 has a number of exclusive features not found in other downriggers; features that make the Scotty easier to operate and that catch more fish. One big advantage is the tilt up boom which allows quick easy connecting of weights and line releases. This is a big advantage over Cannon and Penn downriggers that do not tilt. The Scotty boom can be locked in the up position for docking or travel. The downrigger is also equipped with an exclusive slip clutch adjustment control. The clutch can be pre-set so that if you hang up on the bottom, the brake will slip and you will not break anything. No other downrigger has this feature. The Scotty design also gives you the advantages of natural electrolysis (positive ion control) on your downrigger wire. The downrigger is engineered so that you will have a slight positive charge on your cable. Many species of fish are strongly attracted to this charge.

Thank you for looking

Let me know if you are interested or have any questions


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