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J Plugs....does anybody use these anymore?

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I came up last yr for first time, and you guys have been helpfull getting me ready...

prior to going last yr, had a few guys who had been up there yrs ago and they swore by J plugs....so of course I go buy a bunch.........catch diddly squat on them...............

I'm going to get some flies when I go up next weekend, spin doctors, run my spoons, etc....

Do you guys even use these anymore?


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Keep it in the water, its usefullness will become apparent in the next few weeks.



Pull dark sharks every single fall trip to Olcott on a flat lined one about 200 back, especially early in the am and late in the pm. Really like a glo frog and the flat silver for that duty

On 100 and 200 copper off a church board around Sept 1st. :o They hit them like a freight train.... love that :yes: Green glo ladder bak and bloody nose silver bullet is really all you need. IMO. Last year the coho's loved the green ladder bak on short coppers right in front of port around the week of labor day.

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great late season lure. 20 - 30 fow right in front of port early morn before sun gets up bright. long lead, off the riggers down 10 15 feet down, or flat line way back. Use glow patterns in green and ladder back. Rattlers help too. I got new lighted ones that flash now. gonna give them a try this season soon. Hammered lots of staging salmon last year on dark days all day long.


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