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Favorite crankbait and bucktail colors

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if you guys could please take a quick moment to let me know what is your favorite crankbait and bucktail colors. the only reason i am asking is b/c i am making 150 musky crankbaits and some musky/pike bucktails and want to make sure i have some good colors.

for me, my favorites are-

crankbait- perch/ black perch color.

bucktails- gold blades and brown & yellow tail.

thanks for your time. zachary baker.

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firetiger :lol:

i like black perch as you do but I'm very partial to chartruse, probably because I do well for all esox with it. for cranks I also like the more natural colors with the plain muted white sides/belly and green on top.

also what ever color that greenish gold deep invader is called :lol: shhh :lipssealed:

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thanks guys, keep them coming- joe- i like black and orange tails also. nitro- seems almost like a emerald shiner pattern u are talking about. what do you guys think about a 4 oz bucktail just for trolling?

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Bucktails: Silver blade, black tail

Gold blade, brown or yellow tail

Firetiger blade, black tail (a sleeper, especially for pike)

Cranks: Firetiger (for dark water)

Perch (white belly for clear water, orange belly for dark water)


$9 Bass (see Drifter Tackle version)

Silver shiner (Grandma version)

Black Perch


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