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A-TOM-MIK Fly for the LOC


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First Tom, I'd like to say thank you for the quick service you provide. I ordered materials and had them in hand in less than 2 days. Can't ask for more. :yes:

Now I need to know which fly or two is going to be hot for the next two weeks?

I have a date with a 42lb Salmon. Her name is Bertha.

She's a little larger than I'm accustomed to but she sure is purdy :inlove:

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Why of course the "L.O.C. Fly" Greg

The stock #41 Green Glow and the original hammers #102 or #119 will due there damage as always !~!

You have a PM


ok Tom

If you have a minute, what shops in the Oswego area carry the LOC fly, the #41, 102 & 119? Less time searching for these makes for more time for me on the water.

Thanks again, your stuff is the Best!


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The hot fly for me was the Shredded Hammer. Most of my fish came on this with the Chartruse Tri Flash or Glow/Green Dot spiny in front of it. The Brad's cut plug did also catch fish. I believe it was Bertha that stole one of my Black Jack colored Brad's cut plugs. Next year I'm going to 40lb leaders for these, when I buy the unrigged packs. I also bought a hot spiny that I didn't get a chance to use. It was called both either the Tom Jones or Pig Pen (sold at Port Ontario Tackle). According to a few friends, hooked up to the Shredded Hammer it was hot!

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