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8/18 & 8/19 Port Bay Reports (with Pics)

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: Finders Keepers




Date(s): 8/18 & 8/19

Time on Water: 6-11, 6-3

Weather/Temp: Sunny Nice both days

Wind Speed/Direction: ne 10, light

Waves: rollers, calm

Surface Temp: 74

Location: Fair Haven, West to Sodus





Total Hits: 4, 17

Total Boated: 2, 13

Species Breakdown: kings, browns, cohos, rainbow

Hot Lure: white/green dots spin doc with ultra glow green fly

Trolling Speed: 2.7 - 3.7

Down Speed: not yet

Boat Depth: 100 - 200 fow

Lure Depth: 70-115




On Wednesday I headed out with my dad and brother for a kingfest... boated 2 small browns and missed 2 other small hits. Super slow and no kings to be found. That's all we could get to go all morning. Called it quits at 11, as I had to head over to Screwy Lou's to pick up my new Mag 5 rigger! :clap:

Today, I headed out with my brother, and started off the day shortly after setting up with a sweet 25 lb king:


Hey Ray, how about those shorts?? :lol: We continued to work a couple previous honey holes and had a blast with several doubles (once with with dual majors) and once, almost a triple (but we didn't hook up on the third hit). :P Finished the day with 2 browns up to 8 lbs, 2 coho up to 12 lbs, a beautiful 5 lb rainbow, and the rest kings, including 25, 23, and 22 lb'ers. Missed 2 other majors, one lost about 100 ft behind the boat after a 20 minute fight during one of the doubles, when it made a mad dash for the boat and came unbuttoned... The other was this 22 lb King:


Here's the 12 lb coho:


There was quite the current today: going east we slowed up the motor but were still going 3.4-3.7 sfc speed, going west we sped up the motor but only read 2.4-2.7 gps sfc speed. Had the wires out 360 to 450 on either 2 or 2.5 settings. Riggers were down 70 to 125 ft. Took a majority of our fish on the white with green dots spin doc pulling ultra green glow flies, but also took fish on blue dolphin spin doc pulling UV blue dolphin fly, RRRed metal dodger with white fly (Coho Killer rig), white with green dots echip pulling ultra green glow fly, and the cheerleader rig.

Marked a lot of bait and fish tight to the bottom all the way out to 180 fow, with many other fish marked around 70 ft down. Tried to trigger the bottom fish with no luck, so mostly targeted the higher, active fish. There were quite a few other boats out and we saw several of them hooked up. We'll be out on Sat AM to try to find a LOC fish. Good luck to all who get out tomorrow! 8)

Let the games begin!! :clap: Who's going to put up the first 40 lb'er on the LOC board?? :P

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Thanks for another great report Tim.

Mike and I plan to head out this morning, but when I go to the screen door, I can hear the waves crashing on the shore, and feel a NE wind in my face (not a good sign!!) I'm heading over to PB to take a look. Report says 'waves subsiding to 2 feet' later in the day. We may be doing a late fish.

We'll be out tomorrow also, so I talk to you then.

Tight lines,


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Great report!

I'm in the market for a new boat and I'm looking at Dual Consoles for all around versatility. From your pictures, it looks like you might be fishing out of one. If you don't mind me asking, could you let me know the model, length, beam, engine size, and how it fishes. Any drawbacks? Positives? Thanks for any info. you can share!


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