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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:




Date(s):Aug. 20 & 21

Time on Water: 5am- 12 both days


Wind Speed/Direction:

Waves: Snotty 2 -4s Fri early then 1-2s

Surface Temp: 74






Total Hits: Fri 7 Sat 6

Total Boated: Fri 6 Sat 3

Species Breakdown: Kings 2 majors, 3 teenagers, 1 juvie, 2 Brn, 1 Laker

Hot Lure: NBK w Hammer fly

Trolling Speed:

Down Speed: 3.0

Boat Depth: Fri 140 - 190 Sat 110- 220

Lure Depth: Fri 128 and 133, Sat 85- 115


SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS Great day fri for fish but worked the sea legs hard at 5am in a 19 ft alumin. 1 major on white SD w grn Fly, Monkey puke no name spoon took 2 browns, all the rest on NBK w hammer fly. Lost 2 majors to tackle failures. 1 knot failure and one line failure. Sat brought temp in to 110 and that is where we lost the last major on a dipsy mag set #2 265 ft 30lb

fireline out.






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Thanks for the Positive feedback fellas. I must give my cousin Eddie Rabbit credit forthe Fish tote. He also cast me the 2 12lb cannon balls used on the riggers. Thats cool that the one might be a Coho or CoNook / ChinHo. :) I've also got to deside if my huge spool of 30 Lb andre pink has gone bad. It's prob 5 yrs old but has always been stored in a white non see-thru bag though it has seen winter temps also.

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I've caught fish that look like that one... looks like a hybrid to me. Definitely coho there, but a few too many spots on the lower tail to be full blooded. Anyway, it's a beauty! Congrats.


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