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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:TANGLER




Date(s):20, 21st.

Time on Water:12 to 6 fri, 6 to 11 sat

Weather/Temp:Nice but windy.

Wind Speed/Direction:NE fri. S on sat.

Waves: 2-4 laying down

Surface Temp: 72






Total Hits: 8 fri 4 sat

Total Boated:6 fri 4 sat

Species Breakdown:1 brown 1 laker 2 stellhead 4 mature kings to 24 lbs.

Hot Lure: michigan (sea sick) spoon. Lemon icicle SD w crinkle mirage fly.

Trolling Speed: 2.6 best (hard to tell when boat is going sideways)

Down Speed: 2.4-2.8

Boat Depth: 120-180

Lure Depth: 95-110


SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS Made it out of port when we heard is was down to 3s tops around 1230. Set up in 120 and went east searching. @ 150 fow the 450 copper (on big board sea sick spoon) pops and melts 24 lb king. That rod fired twice again thet day loosing two large kings. Others came on wire MAG divers with SD & fly combos. Brown hit Maui woui spoon on rigger. Turned into a great afternoon on the big O. Everyone was way west of us so we had te area in front of the powerplant to ourselves and one other guy.


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