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fun in oswego, 8/20 and 8/22

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:fast & silver




Date(s):8/20, 8/21

Time on Water:5:45 to 11, 5:30 to noon on sat.

Weather/Temp:sunny, cloudy

Wind Speed/Direction:north east, south

Waves: 3 on friday, 1 on sat

Surface Temp:






Total Hits: 3 on 8/20, 12 on 8/21

Total Boated:2 on 8/20, 6 on 8/21

Species Breakdown:1 coho the rest were kings

Hot Lure: anything green

Trolling Speed: 2.7

Down Speed:

Boat Depth: 220

Lure Depth: riggers between 70 and 110, 325 out on dipsys 1.5 setting


SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS 1st hour and a half on friday morning was all the action, boated 2 at 20-25lbs, lost another when it bit thru my 50lb test leader to the fly, and that set the stage for saturday, got out earlier on saturday on the account that i figured it would be packed there(i was right, even had to wait in line for the throne, they should put a few more in,lol) went to my waypoints and had them to myself until 2nd hour, preety much fighting big hard hitting kings all morning,never slowed for us, but had lots of disapointments losing fish, 2 come to mind, had a 30lb plus up to boat twice only to lose him on 3rd dive,(beak hook broke, 1 treble broke while the other 2 straightened out,i would be pissed if those flys didnt catch so many fish for me), 2nd fish started with 325 out on dipsy, when he finally came off he was at 675, that was a long reel in without a fish on, all in all had a great time with 5 majors, and a 18lb coho in the box ( if anyone fished oswego on saturday could you tell me where temp was,all the fish on saturday came on dipsy, riggers never fired,i dont have a temp gauge, just kinda wondering where my dipsy were running at ? )


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You sure a wire at 1.5 at 325 won't get you to 100?

155 on wire gets me in the mid 50s, 185 around 70, etc...

I'm pretty sure I get 100 or a little over at about 240 on a 1.

Never tested it and its beyond the scope of the Troller's Bibles I've seen for reference, so I'd love to hear any testing results you have.

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there's too many variables .....every boat, every reel, every speed, every setting is different!

The only way you can tell for sure, is RUN THEM INTO BOTTOM? and then when you lose a bunch of line off your dipsy reel.... ;( it will be different the next time you set it. ;)

One boat telling another, where their dipsys are hitting is just a starting point? Keep moving your own until it hits!

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Storm warning u may be right. I think he might just be kissing 100 with that setup depending on speed. I switch to magnum dipseys with rings when targeting 90 feet or deeper. We always fish at least one copper rig on a big board and the sharper dive angle of the mag diver prevents a chance of clipping the dipsey setup when i send it down the tether line. I can tell u that a mag w ring hits 100 w 225 of wire out, my favorite mirage fly had zebra mussels on it.

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I agree. Standard divers have a very hard time getting to 100 feet no matter how much line you let out. I use both and find Walker Magnum sized divers can easily get to 100 with about 260 feet out. at 2.5 mph down speed. At 2.0 down speed my magnum sized will reach about 90 feet when I have about 220 out.

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