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2010 Oswego Scotty Final Results


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Thank you all for the praise. The ladies deserve it, they did a great job on the rods.

Jack if our salmon flags or my head gear offended you I would like to meet you in person to appalogize. We were there to have a great time and did so. As far as us not shedding blood sweat and tears, well sorry I will say your wrong, this lake has kicked my a$$ enough times for me to know that I have paid my dues.

Team Fish Hawk I'm sure has no offiliation with "Jack". Tom is a fantastic angler and a giving person, a feirce competitor in these events. After his son won the jr angler big BT award at last years Fair Haven Challenge (a day of angling on my boat) he passed it on to the other young angler on his boat to take his family fishing.

Thank you all for the praise and be assured the ladies will be back next year.

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Just for the record.....

For all of those who have commented, mostly personally to us men about Steph and the girls "beating us up over all of this" (kiddingly of course)

All the girls including Steph have been great, they love the attention (as us men do) and have accepted well and have been very gracious, honestly they have accepted better than any team I ever remember in such an era, Werner as well, a class act !!!

Even to the point of Steph continually saying' "I don't believe this, we don't deserve it"

You girls definitely deserve this, you played our game and beat us within the rules, is all it's about !!!!!!

One thing I will never forget as the text's were going beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep all day long.....

Steph say's "We got one, we got one" !!!!, "We got another" and another.....

Then I find out the girls were hanging thongs off the rocket launchers each time they caught a fish

So the text's continued, 4, now 5, 6, upgrade, upgrade !!!!!

Then the realization sank in upon the final and last text (more than an hour before the whistle on day one) .............

beep........."Tom, we are out of thongs" .................. it was like a double take as I was reading the text, I am like Dam, I am sitting here in strokeville and the women are crushing them

lol Good stuff !!!!!


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Congrats Team Crazy B!

I would not say it is an upset -- You take one of the best captains on the lake and give him a team of experienced fisherladies and you should expect a winning team.

From my experience charter fishing over the last 23 years it is the ladies that have the highest landing percentage. They are cool, consistent and very focused when fighting a fish. Guys are just the opposite, the shot of adrenaline makes them do stupid things with the rod -- sort of like buck fever!

Of course tying on a good fly helps too!!

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Yes so true, and has been the case for the 20+ years I've been in the business, the girls have been doing quite well ever since I remember !!!!

As far as tying on a good fly.........

Through the years with help from a great team of Pro Staffers we are blessed with some very popular patterns that just keep producing.

Ok, I have held off long enough, He He He

In 2011 we will introduce a new fly and of course a few close patterns that Captain Werner requested to be tied prior to the Oswego event, as with the TG Fly (Tommy Germain), Hammer Fly, Big Fin (B) Fly, Pro/Am Fly, Sweet Pea Fly, Crazy B*tch Fly, Songin's 42nd Fly and the Screamer Fly along with many others. 2011 will bring out the fly that aided in the Team Crazy B*tch/Popeye 2010 Oswego Scotty win. Be sure to look that one up next year as there were many Oswego Kings that did not fall for much in Oswego this past weekend, but the girls and crew made it happen with their choices !!!

Oh man this can be a fun little business and these special times will be remembered forever.........

The fly that helped the girls make history

I tinted the colors a bit as to conceal the exact pattern


and this is the color water it works in



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Congratulations team CrazyB++++!!! You are true champions !!!Good Luck next Year !! I Hope you can keep your team together and defend your oswego scotty title !!!!I'll be pulling for ya's! (HEY Tom ,can i get on a waiting list for those hot looking,Crazy B++++ endorsed, new a-tom-ic flies?) ....................choo-choo steve

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