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Billy V Report - Sodus 8/22/10 with pics

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The weather forecast wasn't sounding very good for the day (heavy winds from the East and rain all day long - yuck!!), but we decided to give it a try anyway and I'm glad that we did! We left the dock at about 6:00am and ran out to 100FOW and set up headed North. It didn't take long and the rods were firing consistently. We took a nice mixed bag of Kings, cohos, steelhead, and even a small brown in the first two hours of the morning - all before the wind started to pick up. Once the wind started cranking from the East, things slowed down and we settled into a slow pick of fish until about 11:00am, when we took three nice fish in a row headed into the 3-5 foot waves. Joe did a great job of handling the biggest fish of the day as it was just about to come to the net and suddenly decided to go through two different downrigger lines and one diver line at the last second. Yikes - that one was interesting and I look forward to seeing the video of that fiasco that Joe shot with his video sunglasses! Here's a picture of Joe with that fish and his cool video shades:


Our best depths were 150-180FOW straight out in front of port to just a couple of miles West. We had 46 degree water down 75ft and we took fish on riggers set at 65', 75', 85', and 100' over the course of the day. It was mostly a rigger bite for us today, but we did take a couple of fish on divers out 210' and 250' on a #2.5 setting. Those diver bites both came on Spin Dr/Siggs's fly combos - one was a Green Dot Spinny/Sigg's Billy V Glow Ghost and the other was on a White Double Crush Glow Spinny/Siggs' Glow Ghost. That White/Glow Ghost combo also took a wicked shot off the 110' rigger that had our Daiwa Saltist reel screeeeeammmiiinngg! Unfortunately that combo got broken off by one seriously upset King! We sure would have liked to have seen that one. Even though we had Spinny/fly combos on 3/4 of our rods, the spoons fished off of our Cannon riggers were easily the stars of the day as they took the majority of our fish. Best spoons were our old favorite, the Northern King Die Hard and that new Dreamweaver Super Slim Midnight Special that we like so much. Best down speeds were 2.2-2.6mph on our Cannon IntelliTroll .

Here's a couple more pics of the guys and today's fish:



That might just be the final fishing report of the season for me as I'm having my hip fixed later this week. The boat is still in the water however, so if I heal up quickly enough we might just get out for one final trip of the season!

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nice job,Billy.and great pics too.i may have to get me a pair of those video glasses,they are the cats a##!

need info on those please! quick question ,in that first pic is that one rod to his left,a working rod or just being stored in in the holder?.was just wondering if that was a dipsey because i know you normally run your dipseys flat to the water,like the one in the lower left corner of that pic.probably the rod he just popped that fish on?if so,duh,my bad.i prefer mine flat too,but some guys keep them up for easy removal

good luck with your hip and hope you recover quick!

mike m

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That rod is the center rigger rod loaded up while it was down about 110' or so. We like to run our rods close to the water so that the line enters the water as close to the back of the boat as possible. That makes getting the fish to the back of the boat and into the net a lot easier for us - there's just less stuff that the fish and the net can get into that way. If you take a look at the center picture you'll notice that the center rigger rod holder is turned way to the left. We love the new Cannon rod holders for that reason - we can move rods around so easily to make a lot more room for netting a fish, which is what Jay did just before netting that one in the pic. He also took the 400 copper and moved it over to the side (we were running it down the chute) to clear room. Those holders are probably one of the best additions we've ever made to any boat of ours.

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I was out on the big O out of Oswego the last week of August after snapping my femur in a hockey accident in June a couple of years ago.

I got released from the rehab hospital the middle of July after getting injured in June. (2 surgeries to rebuild my knee and put a nail in the center of my femur)

It was about 2 months after my injury- I still had the brace on my leg and couldn't walk without crutches.

I just stood on one leg and wedged my bad leg/hip into the back corner of the boat and reeled away... Landed my first 30lb+ king that trip.

So it can be done... Vicodin and celebrex will make you feel like a champ.


Everyone still laughs at the pic of me holding the fish in front of the boat with my crutches in the background.

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In your will who gets your boat?

LMFAO!!!! Just kidding bud! I'm sure everything will go just fine. I'm the worst at anxiety! I pass out at the sight of a needle, but its funny how I can slice and dice fish and deer???

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